Joint sessions

ESC-EAS Joint Session

Biomarkers to improve individual cardiovascular risk prediction

  • Imo Hoefer
  • Ulrich Laufs

Hematological parameters as predictors of mortality, events and complications

Imo Hoefer, Utrecht, Netherlands

Circulating miRNA for cardiovascular death prediction

Tanja Zeller, Hamburg, Germany

Temporal versus one-time biomarker measurements

Lars Lind, Uppsala, Sweden

ICCR-EAS Joint Session

Lifestyle markers are key vital signs to optimize management of cardiometabolic risk

  • Marja-Riitta Taskinen
  • Benoit Arsenault

SSBs: A simple lifestyle marker associated with cardiometabolic health

Benoit Arsenault, Quebec, Canada

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes by lifestyle: an under-recognised/under-used approach in clinical practice

Jaakko Tuomilehto, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Ectopic fat, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cardiometabolic health?

Christopher D. Byrne, Southampton, United Kingdom