Travel advice


Most visitors to the Czech Republic experience no difficulties but it is useful to be aware of the following Prague city police advice:

  • When exchanging currency, always use a currency exchange office or bank
  • Take care when using cash machines, if possible use one inside a bank
  • Take care of your personal belongings, particularly when using public transport and in crowded places. Petty theft and pickpocketing and can be a problem, especially in major tourist areas in Prague.
  • Report any incidents in person to the Czech police. 

Getting around Prague for free

Thanks to a generous support of the City of Prague all the registered participants will be able to use the public transportation for free.
Please collect your travel card at the Registration desk.

Travelling by taxi

The two Taxi companies that are allowed to enter the airport are reliable and radio operated and there are always enough cars ready to take the arriving passengers. However, when you’re getting around the city, please note that some taxis can charge highly inflated prices.

We therefore recommend that you:

  • Call for a reputable radio-controlled taxi instead of hailing one on the street. 
  • Obtain a price estimate in advance and ensure that the taxi driver is using the meter. The rates should be clearly marked on the side of the taxi.

Radio-operated Taxi: the AAATaxi company – tel. +420 233 11 33 11,

  • mobile app for orders
  • on-line price check

For more information and to download the app:

Useful Emergency Contacts

Emergencies:  dial 112
Police:  dial 158
Firefighters:  dial 150
Rescue and First Aid:  dial 155


Police Station (open 24 hours) in Prague:

Jungmanovo namesti 9, Prague 1,  (nearest metro stop is Mustek)

English translators are provided.


There is also a police station at the airport.

(Every lamppost in Prague has a 6-digit number posted at eye-level. Should you require assistance from the emergency services, these codes will help pinpoint your location if you’re unable to offer an exact address)