Advanced Clinical Seminars

1:1. How will the new EAS/ESC guidelines to dyslipidemias change clinical practice?

Summary and introduction of guidelines

Alberico Catapano, Milan, Italy

1:2. EAS/ESC guidelines in practice; Panel discussion on 5 cases considering goals, targets and treatments

Olov Wiklund, Gothenburg, Sweden

Alberico Catapano, Milan, Italy

Kausik Ray, London, United Kingdom

Lale Toközoglu, Ankara, Turkey

Guy De Backer, Gent, Belgium

Alexandros Tselepis, Ioannina, Greece

Renata Cifkova, Prague, Czech Republic

2. Detecting plaque burden or vulnerable plaque: Which way should we go?

3D ultrasound

Stephen Nicholls, Adelaide, Australia

CT angiography

Jason M. Tarkin, London, United Kingdom


Marc Dweck, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

3. How to treat diabetic dyslipidaemia

Gerald Watts, Perth, Australia

Alberto Zambon, Padova, Italy

4. Familial hypercholesterolaemia - Practice Essentials

HoFH International Collaboration – HICC registry

G. Kees Hovingh, Amsterdam, Netherlands

FH Collaboration Studies – FHSC registry

Kausik Ray, London, United Kingdom